The waiting game.

6 08 2008

Thus far, evil has not shown itself in the tomato patch. All signs to the contrary. In fact, I’ve had to convince Bambino not to take over the entire plot.  When the description read “there’s no stopping the healthy, indeterminate plants as they produce luscious tidbits in clusters by the dozens”, I needed to take that statement literally.   My clippers were very persuasive.

I did successfully can, then eat, tomatoes from the farmer’s market last week. I wanted to know whether the results would be edible. Survey says yes. So, between if the dozens upon dozens of tomatoes on my three roma plants ripen successfully, I may end up with an unexpected supply of canned tomatoes. This would be a major boon in my attempts to each locally. Buying enough tomatoes to can to meet my tomato needs through the winter looks like it will be prohibitively expensive.

Now, what voodoo do I have to do to get these babies to turn red?